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Our teacher is Khandroma Tara Choying Wangmo, also perceived by several great masters of different lineages as Drikung Khandro. Khandroma is from Austria, but at the very young age of just twenty went to live and practice under the spiritual guidance of her teachers - mainly in Nepal and partly in India - where she stayed for over 25 years in open as well as closed solitary retreats. After having achieved the fruits of one pointed practice, Khandroma returned to the west to live a life for the benefit of all beings and thereby continuing to serve the Buddha Dharma and to fulfil her Gurus’ wishes. Our teacher Khandroma  has achieved highest realisation and all the qualities of a genuine Vajrayana Master. Such a master - who has spent so many years in traditional retreats as well as serving her Gurus, who is completely filled and consecrated in the lineage of Mahamudra and has no interest in the eight worldly concerns, whilst also having the experience and understanding of what it means to be a modern person - is extremely rare and precious in this world. To be around Khandroma is to experience living Dharma, without a hint of compartmentalisation or holding back. In our master the heart of the practise lineage shines through in everything Khandroma does or says.
Khandroma says: "Please only contact here, if you truly strive for genuine awakening and therefore don`t shy away from any hardships, as I probably won't pat you on the back and tell you how great you are."

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